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By: @wtrfllsSC

Chicago native HEFFYRAPS(@HEFFYRAPS) has been making a stir on SoundCloud with his hard hitting bangers, which showcase why he stands out in a scene that’s often times oversaturated.

wtrflls: Let’s start with where you’re from and how you started making the music you’re making.

HEFFYRAPS: I’m from Wheeling, a small town just Northwest of Chicago. I’ve been into music of all
different types of genres early on. I grew up listening to mostly rap, I loved all the old school classics,
got big into Young Jeezy trap stuff, crossed over to weird lyrics stuff like Jedi Mind Tricks. Pretty
much was big into every corner of rap at one point. Middle school is where I started getting big into
metal. I became a drummer for a Metallica cover band. Started producing all kinds of different shit
throughout high school and began rapping on my beats this past year.

wtrflls: That’s tight, some real mixed stuff there. Would you say your experience drumming and
metal influences impated your production/rapping?

HEFFYRAPS: It definitely played a big role in creating a musical melting pot of different styles. I would
say a lot of the grunge rock, specifically in vocals and guitar is what I’ve attributed a lot of my sounds
to. I’m always going for different sounds so depending the mood I’ll capture that heavy metal
essence if I’m channelling anger, grunge rock is common when I wanna embrace emotion in my
work. It all depends on the mood I’m in.

wtrflls: I get what you’re saying, mood definitely has a big impact on the writing process, do you feel
where you are in Chicago has a positive impact on your career or you looking to get out and spread
your shit elsewhere?

HEFFYRAPS: I definitely don’t feel limited being in Chicago. I’m crewed up with my dripset family and
we’re all making big moves in our own way. This city has helped me connect with dope artists that I
can now call close friends and it’s still hella opportunities out here. It’s definitely my home, but
making that move to LA is something I may consider if I reach a point where I need to expand those

wtrflls: Fr LA definitely is a creative hub but it’s cool you got a crew in Chicago, on the subject of
you’re music who would you say are your biggest influences?

HEFFYRAPS: First and foremost I gotta say Supa Bwe. He was really the first artist I seen blending
different musical backgrounds in uncharted ways and executing it perfectly. He really doesn’t get
enough credit for birthing this whole punk rap type wave. Warhol is another big influence just cause
he really put Chicago on for taking all the drill jugg shit and applying it to refreshing wavey
production when no one else here was doing that. My brother Roy French is someone I look up to

because he makes real raw music in every direction and gets straight up weird without giving a fuck
what people think. He’s taught me a lot and that’s family. So those are few I can name off top. Add
Death Grips to that cause they energy is just next level and they all out raw.

wtrflls: There are some tight artists on that list, some real raw shit. Looking to the future what’s next
for HEFFYRAPS? Any big projects planned?

HEFFYRAPS: Most definitely. Me and my man Sike the Drug working on this EP called VICEWORLD. We’re about 1/3 done but we just been going stupid. I’m real excited about that. been experimenting lot and blending our musical palettes with the perfect chemistry, I think it’s about to shake the scene fr. I also got some singles on the way and a debut music video for ‘Up Now With Sike thats gonna be dropping real soon. Ian Rennels directed it and we went dumb on the visuals. And you can possibly expect a album from me down the road. I been stacking a few songs with potential that are locked up in the vault rn.

wtrflls: Hell yeah looking forward to hearing what y’all got cooking. One last question before we
wrap shit up, if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be? No
compilations no greatest hits everything else good to go.

HEFFYRAPS: Damn that’s a hard one. I know I’m brushing over so many good ones but off the top
imma just sat Currents by Tame Impala cause that got so much replayability I wouldn’t get sick of it.

wtrfllls: That’s an answer with some thought, thanks for a sick interview, anything else to plug
before we finish shit?

HEFFYRAPS: Smoke PCP it’s not even that bad for you

wtrflls: lit, thanks again homie we’ll keep an eye out for your new music.

You can listen to HEFFYRAPS at and keep an eye out for his
VICEWORLD EP coming real soon.