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By: @Zomb_Slays

Zomb: First off tell us about yourself. How old is @ggravee and where are you from?

Ggravee: 22 and im from houston texas

born in California tho.

Zomb: Texas native but born in Cali that’s dope.

Now when did you first start making music and what age?

Ggravee: uhm i played drums in like 5th grade but it was just kid shit, i started doing vocals and making stuff like january 2017

so it’s only been a little over a year.

Zomb: Wow that’s amazing I didn’t expect about a year with how good your sound is.

What were some of your musical influences growing up? and do any of them have influences on your music today?

Ggravee: i grew up on alot of classical rock from my mom like led zeppelin and aerosmith shit like that. my dad listened to heavier stuff like metallica and pantera. i wouldnt really say any of them inspire me to make music though.

Zomb – I can definitely relate to classic rock growing up.

What about these days? Are there any artists that inspire your music?

ggravee – a lot of chief keef and bladee, other melodic rappers like trippie redd and 24hrs and pierre bourne.

anything with autotune lmao.

Zomb: Auto tune really on a whole new wave right now so I can see why you’d say that.

I love Bladee and he definitely came to mind when playing your music for the first time.

So having your influences musically, what else inspires you to make music, outside of music?

Ggravee: i mean i dont really have alot of other influences outside of music, most of my songs are just mostly about girls so.

havent really had any other life experiences that would make me wanna make music about.

Zomb: I respect the honesty there.

That’s a big factor in your music is your potent lyrics, so with that being said about girls what was recording your first song like? Tell us a little about that process.

Ggravee: i had absolutely no idea what i was doing when i made my first song, i looked at some youtube tutorials to understand the basics of recording vocals and just went for it, my very first song is still on my soundcloud called “mmiseryy”

i didn’t worry about showing anyone or linking it to people i just posted it just to experiment with shit.

Zomb: That’s extremely respectable and such a humble start.

I actually really enjoy “mmiseryy” especially with the @yngkms production.

So your first track did really good numbers, when did you first start seeing it pick up steam?

Ggravee: after @YungJZAisDead hit me up and reposted it, i literally only had like 10 followers and 20 plays on the song and he reposted and messaged me saying he wanted to send a beat or a open verse for me, i was lowkey freaking out cause like i have been listening to him for like a year prior so it was just crazy messaging him for the first time and shit.

then he just introduced me to everyone else in ColdWorldGang, so yeah i owe everything to Jza.

Zomb – Wow what a start, that must have been an amazing feeling.

After your first track got some exposure, How was making music after that point?

Did you find yourself working a lot more?

Ggravee: it totally made me want to make more music, it was weird how people actually liked my stuff and sent me messages and stuff. its the best feeling seeing that little orange dot notification by your name on soundcloud.

Zomb: This is actually super inspiring and I hope readers get something from this story.

That’s amazing.

Now at what point did you film your first visual and how was that process for you?

Ggravee: well me and Scum made the track “run away” and he lives a few hours from me and ive never met him before so we decided to meet up for a weekend and hangout. I just randomly brought my old handycam and just recorded random clips of what we did when we hungout it was just super natural. Alot of it was filmed by UglyZucc.

but i plan on filming like a real music video with a nice camera and edit for my track “Love Letter” hopefully soon.

Zomb: First off huge shout outs to JZA, Scum, Ugly Zucc & ColdWorld.

I enjoyed the visual for “run away” so that makes me curious to what you have planned for “Love Letter”

Possible “Love Letter” Visual in the works, what else do you have planned music wise for the summer and rest of 2018?

Ggravee: honestly just try and post more frequently, hopefully more than just one song a month lol. but nothing else super serious i might try and get my music on spotify but we will see

Zomb: Spotify needs @ggravee that’s a fact.

So posting more frequently is the goal, are there any artists you’d like to work with in the future specifically?

Ggravee: more collabs with everyone in ColdWorldGang, i would like to do a song with convolk as well. theres plenty of more people im probably forgetting but yeah lol

Zomb: Shouts out anyone you forgot lol.

That’s a solid lineup though you’re a perfect fit for ColdWorldGang.

So putting music aside for a minute, what does @ggravee do for fun outside of music and what keeps you going outside of recording and listening to music?

Ggravee: i really dont do a whole lot besides music and skating lol, you know i stay on runescape from time to time though if you go through my tweets lmao. not really a people person i dont go out much.

Zomb: lol that’s absolutely hysterical, runescape is timeless.

That’s a very relatable answer because a lot of people keep to themselves and sometimes I think that contributes to excellent music as well.

How long have you been skating and has it always been apart of your life?

Ggravee: oh for sure skating was my life from like 1st to 9th grade, if i wasnt at school i was at a skatepark. took a break once i got into highschool cause i moved away from my friends so i kinda lost interest. but i just recently got back into it and im glad i did.

Zomb: Once you don’t have friends it’s certainly not as fun but I’m happy to hear you got back into it.

Speaking of school, how was school for you growing up?

Ggravee: elementary school years was great for me, after that it started going downhill. grades wise.

after 9th grade i just really had no motivation at all so i dropped out of school 10th grade and just got my GED instead.

don’t plan on going to college or anything.

something i really regret tho was not finishing high school, not cause i feel like a failure or anything though. after i stopped going to school and i just stayed in my house everyday for like 2 years so i was just so used to being by myself for so long i couldn’t interact with people in person and now i just have really bad anxiety talking to people and what not.

something i still have problems with, like getting jobs for example.

Zomb: Everyone has their own route they take for their own reasons and it’s always gotta be respected.

I personally can relate to the staying inside thing and social anxiety a lot.

I’m sure a lot of people can and it’s a horrible feeling to have.

Do you have any special coping methods for anxiety?

Ggravee: nah i don’t i just deal with them honestly, im prescribed medicine but i dont like taking any sorta pills so :/

Zomb: Once again I know so many people can relate to not taking any pills.

Personally any medication that I’ve taken for anxiety makes me feel like a zombie so I didn’t like them either. Anxiety is a bitch but we can all be in this together. Hopefully people can realize everyone is different and deals with things in different ways.

One question I did have before we wrapped this one up is, Does having anxiety affect your music at all?

Ggravee: yeah sometimes it does, i overthink a lot when it comes to my own music and i judge myself alot. if it doesnt sound perfect to me i just completely delete the whole track. i guess that could be a good or bad thing. however you take it.

Zomb: That’s how I like to look at it as well, it all depends on how you take it.

So anxiety does affect your music sometimes,

with that being said what’s your favorite song you’ve released so far?

Ggravee: ah man thats really hard to say i really enjoy alot of my songs, i wanna say Love Letter just cause it did the best and it let me know people like hearing more than just guitar beats from me, which i wanted to stop doing anyways.

Zomb: Love Letter is a hit period. You really nailed that one brother for sure, I’d say it’s my favorite from you as well.

Closing out, do you have any last words of motivation for the people or any shout outs you’d like to give?

Ggravee: just do what your into and what will make you happy at the end of the day. music, drawing, clothes whatever. people will respect that more than you just doing something cause your friends are into it or something.

shoutout everyone in CWG, zucc, outwest guys, and anyone else i follow on twitter lmao

drink water

Zomb: Solid ass words from a future star @ggravee

Shouts out all your homies and most certainly stay hydrated this summer.

Thank you so much for taking time out for this and huge shoutout to you.

@UNDERGROUNDV4MP Will be keeping a close eye on your for sure.

Good luck with everything in 2018 and most positive blessings for you brother 🦇💞

Ggravee: thank you guys <33

Zomb: 🦇💞