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By: @Zomb_Slays

Zomb: Tell me about Dawszn, where are you from, how old are you?

Dawszn: I’m from Ashville, NC and I’m 19

Zomb: What’s the music scene like down there? and what made you start this music thing in the first place?

Dawszn: It’s actually growing here in my opinion. There are a lot of talented artists such as @828TRiG @DeeLayne828 & of course @2kthagoon.

As far as music. it’s something I’ve always been connected to and understood from a young age. so why not pursue it

Zomb: That’s dope it’s growing I haven’t heard much from NC. What age did you start making music and release your first song?

Dawszn: I started making music last year, but I had been writing songs since 6th grade. The first single I released was ‘ZIPCODE’.

Zomb: That’s dope I feel like a lot of people got in the game last year that’s when I started as well. That Zipcode joint is hard as fuck that was one of the personal ones I liked from you.

What’s some of your musical influences growing up till now?

Dawszn: Growing up 50 Cent was actually a huge influence along with others.. but the way he delivered his melodies with such an edge to them like he did, was something I had never heard and was drawn to instantly. Now I try to get more inspiration from everyone and everything around me to create my own sound.

Zomb: 50 really was a factor for us 90s kids growing up. I deff noticed a certain sound with your music and it was extremely unique.

What’s your #1 goal in music? Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years?

Dawszn: my goal in music is to continue to try to perfect my craft. & in 5 years I see my self-doing what I do now. writing music for my fans.

Zomb: That’s solid. What are some of your favorite songs you’ve made so far in your musical pursuits?

Dawszn: Personally I’d have to say ‘Guap (feat. @2kthagoon + @828trig)’ is my favorite body of work I’ve been a part of. But next to that. It’d have to be my most recent project ‘moon (feat. @GUCCINEVERLOSE)’ that shit wild.. go peep if ur reading this interview.

Zomb: Absolutely both solid a** tracks that’s for sure. I like moon a lot.

What’s next musically for Dawszn?

Dawszn: I got some work with @yeatglobal about to drop soon that is really wavy. & I also have a single coming soon too so watch for that.

Zomb: UVC going to enjoy that new Dawszn that’s for sure.

Are there any artists you look to work with in the future big or small?

Dawszn: yeah, I really wanna work w @Coldh4rt @CHXPO @youngthug & @JuiceWorlddd

Zomb – They all kill it for sure. I’d like to see Dawszn x Chxpo.

What’s one thing you would like to see change in the underground scene?

Dawszn: not a thing I love the culture.

Zomb: Amazing response.

Wrapping up this interview, are there any shoutouts you have or anything you want the people to know about Dawszn?

Dawszn: Shout out to @UNDERGROUNDV4MP & @Zomb_Slays for this interview. keep pushing the culture.

Zomb: We appreciate that brother. Thanks for taking time out to talk to us.